applied power quality solutions
●Power Factor Correction     ●Harmonic Filtering     ●Voltage Control and Restore
●Three Phase Unbalance Regulation
Power Quality Solution
applied power quality solutions
Power Saving and Consumption-reducing Solution
applied power quality solutions
New Energy One-stop Solution
• Building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) Solution
• Ground Solar Storage System Solution
• Solution for Integration of Storage and Charging
• Centralized Shared Energy Storage on the Grid Side
• User-side Energy Storage Backup Emergency Solution
• Efficient Intelligent Control Management System
electrical harmonics filters
filters for reducing harmonics
harmonic filters for electrical system

Application Field Of Electrical Harmonics Filters

Why Choose SANHE Energy Storage

Founded in 2002, Sanhe Power Tech is a national high-tech enterprise that specializes in power quality products, R&D of technology and solutions, production,service etc. It becomes industry-leading company.
Rank in MV Power Quality
Achievement until 2022
Countries Cooperation
Years Specialized in Power Quality
Copyrights, Patents, standards, certificates
Clients in Fortune 500 Companies
Engineering Personnel
Factory Area

​​​​​​​More portable power quality Device Services

capacitor energy storage systems
  • Service Team
    Sanhe Power Tech has a 20-year engineering service team in the field of power quality and related areas.
  • Service Advantages
    At least 20 years service experience
    50000 sets equipements to be served
    Covering all of China provinces
  • Guarantee
    Maximize the rights and interests of customers. 
    Ensure the long-term stable development of the company's products in the market, and win a good reputation with high-quality and timely service.
Excellent Achivement Of SANHE
Sanhe Product Solution can be widely used multiple sectors, including industrial, commercial, and residential.
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Active Harmonic filter effectively improves safety and efficiency of power grid


New power quality equipment in solar systems and their impact

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Integrating advanced capacitor technology into line compensation solutions

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